Taxation in matter of indirect taxes

Since 2004 the firm Cerati Laurini Ampollini & Ampollini specialized in the field of administrative private social and health security and mandatory and complementary assistance.
Thanks to the high degree of specialization and technology of computer support used, we are able to rapidly adjust our operations and services to the organizational model used by the customer, whether it operates under a defined contribution that in defined benefit schemes.
The experience gained over the years, with market leading customers, allows us to deliver today a full outsourcing service for Italian pension funds (closed, open and pre-existing).


The administration of the active and passive cycle of pension funds

We have developed expertise in both "active cycle" that in the "passive cycle" of the administrative management of pension funds.
On the front of the active cycle we follow all activities pertaining to the collection, management and investment of contributions, the keeping of the individual member positions, reconciliations of contributions with employers and reporting for the fund.
In terms of the procurement process, our expertise extends to all stages of liquidation of individual positions, both in the maturation of the services, that in extraordinary event (such as advances, redemptions, etc.).
Part of our expertise include the production of all the documentation and certification of tax and fiscal matters as well as all relationships with the Supervisory Authority (COVIP).

Accounting and financial statements of retirement

We support pension funds outsourcing to them the complete accounting process.
In this context, we not only assure bookkeeping general, the journal, book inventories and book adherents, but - if required - the calculation of the share value (NAV), and the preparation of financial statements with all the attachments.
We carry out, on behalf of some important customers, administration service titles.

In particular, we offer the following services in outsourcing:

  • - Keeping the general ledger;
  • - Preparation of the monthly accounting and calculation of the share;
  • - Prepare the financial statements and related attachments in compliance with general law and based on the patterns of Covip;
  • - Keeping the journal, book inventories and book of members.

Taxation 'pension fund

The production of all documentation and certification of tax is the final act of an analysis that defines, in the field of security and assistance required and complementary, the tax treatment associated with the various instances.
Our consultants are high profile professionals who have studied the subject for several years, and are able to address and resolve the most controversial regulatory interpretations.


Relations with subscribers

The management of the relationship with members in many cases involves critical elements. The large number of members, the delicacy and complexity of the items, require the supervision of professional security, not always available from subject tutors.
In this context, we guarantee our customers a high quality response through the provision of outsourcing customer services on line and / or the management of call centers.


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