Legal Auditing

Quality, responsibility, integrity, independence and objectivity are the values upon which our team of professionals work, and uses an approach based on an understanding of business processes, the environment in which the company operates and the main areas of risk. The result is an extremely efficient review process, but especially effective in the communication. The output of our work is in fact a file containing valuable tips for shareholders, directors and controllers.


Mandatory revisions and legal claims
of financial statements and consolidated financial statements pursuant to art. 2409bis of the Civil Code
certificates of
statements of expenditure for the achievement of public financing
representation on the board of auditors

Voluntary Revisions
full audit and limited review of financial statements and other financial information
Upon Procedures (audit procedures agreed with the customer)
of interim financial statements for purposes of internal and external information
periodic audits of
the regular company bookkeeping

  • Activities related to the audit
    assistance in the preparationof financial statements
    to the solutionof technical problemsaccounting
    Due Diligence: economic, financial,accounting, tax
    ompany valuations, intangible assetsand impairment tests
    assistance in the implementation
    of accounting software
    planning and evaluation of
    charts of accounts, accounting procedures andmanuals
    , implementation and optimizationof systems forreporting andbudget
    study and evaluation
    of internal control system
    on suspected irregularitiesand fraud
    of breaches of contractand checks on contractualprice revision


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